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EUROPEAN DLB Consortium. Diagnostic biomarkers in dementia with Lewy Bodies, a multicenter international initiative.


The European DLB consortium (E-DLB) is a multicenter and global effort concieved by leaders from the contributing centers and leading scientists in different areas of DLB research and was established in 2015. Main ambitions of the E-DLB consortium is to establish an international consensus on diagnostic criteria for DLB as well as to collect representative and high quality biomarkers data from DLB patients as part of the E-DLB study. The study has been conducted throughout an inception retrospective phase, and currently also involves the ongoing prospective phase.

Our Mission.

To conduct translational clinical research and clinic trials targeted at addressing the global critical public-health need of combating Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB) and with the aim of ultimately improving quality of life and other outcomes for people with, or at high risk of developing, DLB and their carers.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to further develop our consortium/registry, provide a setting in which to increase the basic scientific understanding of and to develop ways to diagnose, prevent, slow or ameliorate the core symptoms of DLB and common comorbidities of DLB. In addition, we will continue to develop and promote cooperation and collaboration with patients, cares, advocacy groups and other national and international organizations who share interest in research treatment, education and management of DLB. It is critical in moving forward to include global collaborative work to capture the unique strengths of each university/center to facilitate translational research that is difficult to pursue alone. The E-DLB Consortium partnership provides an ideal platform to optimize trial capability with rigorous commitment to patient care, clinical data integrity and quality control in clinical trials.